Getting Started

Create account on MyPage

Register to MyPage before purchase and use the products.
Create your account to MyPage by following steps. 
1. Access to MyPage
2. Click [to new users 'Sign Up...']

Next, it shows [Your Information]
Fill in the required field.


Handle Name requires more than 6 characters.
Password*/Re-enter Password* require more than 6 characters, different from Handle Name.
Click[Next],after fill in the field.
3. Read the policy and click[Agree and Mail address activate]

Click to close it.

4.Confirm E-mail with the subject: "Thank you for joining TECHLIFE MyPage" will be delivered from the support team.
Click the URL below 'To finish your procedure of registration, click the URL below and access to the page.'  

Registration finished. 
*If you do not receive the mail,please confirm the spam folder in case it was sent there.  
*The mail is valid for 24 hours.

Manage MyPage


Register to MyPage before purchase and use the products. 
→See  Creat account on MyPage
2.Log in
Enter [Handle Name] , [Password] and click [Login] .   

※If you forgot Handle Name or Password,[please click here.]  
3. Information’section 
It will be able to download the trial version under[Product Name], when it available.

4. 'Show Your Products’section  

[Licensed Products:] →registered product(software). 
[Name]/[Paid-Date] →registered product and paid date.
[Serial Code]/[Expire-Date] →The serial number of the product and expiration date.
The following message will be appeared instead of the Expire-Date, if you have not activated it yet.

Also, it will be able to extend the contract by[To extend the contract term…].
*Only for licensed products.
5. 'Edit Your Profile' section
It is able to confirm and change your account information.

*Handle Name and Birthday can not be changed. 
MyPage logs out automatically in 10 mins. Reload the browser and log in again.