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<Introduction>About purchase(agreement) and usage

Our products are adopt the price system that you can keep using them for a designated term after purchase.
E.g)kraken /Price:120 USD(per/year)
Once you purchase (after installing and activating) our product, you can use it for 365 days = a year.

It is possible to continue to use it after the expiration of the term by take re-contracting (re-purchase = renewal) procedure.
One purchase grants one license, so you can use it on just one Mac you have.
Although it is possible to change the designated PC to use during the contract period, for example if you want to use it on 2 Mac machines simultaneously, 2 licenses are required.
*Windows OS compatible software is available.
*We also offer software that you can use as freeware or by one payment (no expiration date).
→ Please confirm operating environment (OS) and price of each software.
When purchasing, installing and activating (authentication) software, the period of your contract starts.
The start date and time of your contract is A, the end date and time is B.


The term from A to B is the period of contract = you can use our product during it. 
*The contract term is not counted from the number of days since purchase date, but starts from the timing of installing the software,  after purchase and taking the activation (authentication) procedure. 
If you need to make re-contract, you can carry out re-contract procedure once during the period from A to B. 
After the re-contract procedure, "Date and time, B, the end of current contract" is extended as "till date and time, C" which newly converted contract period. 
If you need to re-contract after the end of the period (outside the period from A to B), you cannot make re-contract directly. 
Agreement period starts by purchasing software, installing and activating again.  
Register to MyPage before purchase and use the products. →See here

Difference between annual and monthly license(subscription)

→See here


→See here

Continuous use(repurchase/re-contract)

→See here

About Payment methods

We accept payment by PayPal or by credit card*. 
*You are able to use PayPal as a guest and pay by credit card. → See here

Receive a receipt

Please contact to
We will send your receipt in PDF format via e-mail.

Offer educational discount for students

We offer to educational discount for students, please contact to
*Some products are excluded from the discounts.

Contact Online Shop

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