The launch of a content store providing video material

Neun Farben (Philippines) Corporation, a computer animation studio based in Phillipinnes and TECHLIFE SG Pte. Ltd.(Singapore) developer of software for creatives announce the launch of a content store providing video material (starting at USD $5) aimed at VJs beginning October 02, 2017.
TECHLIFE develops / sells software / tools in creative fields, including ‘Kraken2’ an entry level VJ software. Since its establishment, they have devoted much of their efforts for more people to deepen their pleasure of image production and understanding of visual expression and to provide the tools needed to express themselves.
As a computer animation studio in the Philippines, Neun Farben contributes creative contents such as commercial, promotional video, video games, VR, short film and web in various fields with overwhelming expression. In recent years, they also regard nurturing designers in this field as important.
"As a joint project of two companies this time, we are glad to have an announcement on providing a stage of expression for new creators in Southeast Asia. At the same time as being a platform of presentation for production activities, we will sell their works to provide as a communication place to lead to creator development, motivation and technology improvement." Nozomu Miura of Techlife said.
Please take a look at the quality of work presented on the landing page of the website.

*Sales of video material for VJ (MP4 / full HD / price: US $ 2 ~ scheduled)
New content will be released monthly. We are looking forward to seeing their growth and appreciate your ongoing support.


<Neun Farben/http://www.neun.ph
Neun Farben is an International Computer Animation Studio that aims to create High-end Computer Graphics and Visual Effect for Films, Commercial, Promotional Videos, Games, VR, Short Films and Websites.
<TECHLIFE SG Pte.Ltd. /http://www.techlife.sg
We commit "Inspire technology into the creative area" as a vision of the company. Also, as a mission we hold up "Boost of people in the creative area with A. I." Currently we are developing VJ software Kraken2 and other tools essential for various image production /interactive art / visualization.