People Show Love
A wonderful scene has taken possession of their entire soul.  

7 movie files in 'Kraken2 Starter-Kit'
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Material01_CircularFlash by Allen

Material02_ Colorful by Rizza

Material03_ Dancinglights by Rizza

Material04_ MagicLine by Allen

Material05_Partyblocks by Rizza

Material06_ Spiral by Rizza

Material07_StaticWave by Allen

Designed by Neun Farben
Neun Farben is an International Computer Animation Studio that aims to create High-end Computer Graphics and Visual Effect  for
Films, Commercial, Promotional Videos, Games, VR, Short Films and Websites.
Neun Farbenは、映画・CM・ゲームのVFXやインタラクティブコンテンツの