People Show Love
A wonderful scene has taken possession of their entire soul.  

What I regard as the most important on choosing VJ software is simply to be operational.
In my VJ life for a long time, I have tried various software, then I recognized the Kraken series have been able to be used as desired at the maximum.

They are as simple as can be used roughly, and easy to customize in details. In some cases, even on a drunk site, its simplicity is tough enough to accept difficulties.

If you use external input with Syphon etc., you can use Kraken as the final hub of cooperation with other software where stability is inevitable fact, and I have been using it for a long time, but once it starts running it will never be shut down.
It is very helpful as VJ that I often have to perform alone for one night's long.

I am looking forward to being able to get over a lot of upcoming nights with Kraken2.

As my VJ history I have been performing since about 2004, so it is over 10 years.

I think that the number of generators or real-time rendering VJs has increased recently but I wonder if I do not keep up with these next generation VJs. My play style might become a good old style.

Some people tune to sound like strobe light by switching the image material finely with mixing technique, but I produce an image material like action, such as "hit",” explode” or "bumping”, and play it so as to "cue" up to timing.

So, I am not good at delicate mixes which overlap with fader as my VJ playing often goes out and cuts in (laugh).

I've always used motiondive-series ever before, I feel that Kraken2 following it really matches me.

What I like the most about Kraken 2 is Extra Layer.

I make keys customize so that it works in conjunction with the numeric keypad on the keyboard.

ExtraLayer can be assigned by your favorite images and pushing the numeric keypad will overlap the picture instantly. Effects that are also included in the bundle are assigned to the MIDI controller, and direct ExtraLayer including the effects at the timing of the mix.
I feel the numeric keypad is the easiest because it would be the same number unconsciously I can touch with intuition, so if there are lots of buttons and every button is assigned to the video source, I cannot find out instantly where the destiated source is.
Likewise, even if there are several video sources overlapped, it is complicated enough that I am so confused, then I like the kraken2 having 2 source mixes on the basic AB channel, and being the simplest.

Simple and profound kraken2, I want to continue using it now and forever.