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Who We Are

Group are we to continue to develop software for life, and focus on developing system by new ideas from multiphasic views with our system developing experience over very diverse fields. Swift development speed offers more try and error and a high qualified system with high customer satisfaction.


We do not stint to provide system / software which can suggest new life styles and ideas, and keep long time activities to contribute to lives of many people.

The Team

Amid aiming to selected corps d'elite, we have our target that we give a surprise to customers with our unique system.


Delivering our best in all we do.


Helping you with a variety of developments.

We can provide 3D real-time rendering with OpenGL, GLSL visual effects, and other development handling OpenCL, OpenCV and so on. Past projects: development for system to perform a fashion show and for a system to perform an interactive work.
We can provide development of systems for video control with QuickTime or AVFoundation, and camera control using native SDK of Blackmagic Design. Past projects: media server development for professionals, VJ software development, and camera control system.
We can provide signal processing included MIDI control, transmit-receive system of OSC or DMX. Past projects: VST development, AudioUnit development, and transmit-receive system development for signal receiver for MIDI devices, OSC or DMX
We can provide systems relating to TCP/IP and UDP/IP. Past projects: sync system development on the transparent network, image receiver system on the internet and P2P system development
We can provide various types of map system and system using OpenStreetMap. Pas projects: development of rain cloud notification service system covering Singapore area, development of linking system of GPS tracking and offline map, and navigation system development


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